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Available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, & Nook! Autographed copies available HERE.

Epiphanies Within: When Mediocre Living is No Longer Enough

Being a woman is no easy task.


What makes it hard to transition from “young lady” to “grown woman” are the unique hurdles that often catch many of us by surprise. Seriously, who knew it would be so complicated?


So what do you do when everything in your life seems to be going haywire all at once? How do you get a grip and take control of your world when you’re stressed out because your love life is out of whack; your career isn't working out how you’d imagined; you’re experiencing road block after road block; and it feels like you just can't win?


This thought-provoking, teaching style book addresses topics ranging from self-worth, relationships, managing your emotions, building your relationship with God, following your dreams and much more. You will learn how to use your struggles and hardships to your advantage just by training your mind to “Shift Your Vision to Change Your Reality!”


You’ll cry a little, laugh a lot, reminisce on the past and dream about the future. Most importantly, you’ll learn to take a look deep within yourself and take the necessary steps to tap into your fullest potential. Growth is a process that starts first in your mind. Take a ride with Brittney Michelle, as she helps you see the Epiphanies Within.

"I absolutely enjoyed reading this Inspirational book. Within the first chapter, I was instantly motivated to start writing down my life experiences...." ~Reyna Taboada-Arzate, Jacksonville, FL

"Epiphanies Within, is truly an inspiration. It's like girl talk over tea in a book. Not only is it completely relatable, but you feel like you are walking with Brittney as she matures into a woman. It makes you think about your personal journey and the lessons you've learned. I recommend all women to read this book." ~Erikka Simpson, Detroit, MI

"Reading your book excites me! Motivates Me! Encourages me! I just want to run out in the world and be the absolute BEST Satasade I can be!!! Truly Amazing!" ~Satasade Roberts, Ypsilanti, MI

"This book is both equally inspiring and helpful.... B. Michelle boldly gives a voice to the very issues we, especially women, face in everyday life and relationships that are not always easy admitting or talking about out loud. She shares with us her most personal learning experiences and spiritual guidance to make it through those tough moments in life. I'm so glad to have read this book and learned from her!!!!!!" ~Michelle Guinyard, Grand Rapids, MI

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